Paint Pottery

Paint-Your-Own Pottery, or Painting OUR Pottery, is a fun, family friendly activity where you can paint your art on over 200 unique pottery pieces. With prices starting at $5, it’s the perfect way to create affordable family memories. Paint a puppy, decorate a dolphin, even put baby’s hand-prints on a platter. Everything is provided including over 75 fun colors, idea books, stamps, screen prints, specialty glazes, plus plenty of encouragement and help from our staff artists. A fantastic activity for a rainy, sunny, or windy day in the Florida Keys!

  1. Make an appointment!
  2. Pick your pottery. Paint one thing or ten things… Choose from hundreds of different ceramic pieces. Useable, food safe items as well as many interesting decorative pieces. Seasonal items are always available!!!
  3. Paint your design using brushes, sponges, stamps and patterns. Our talented staff artists will show you how easy it is.
  4. We’ll fire your creation. Your finished piece will be ready to pick up in a day or two.