Walk-in any day and start creating with us and try our Gourmet Espresso, STRONG COFFEE and home made Cold Brew!
Monday – Saturday, 9am-6pm, Coffee Loft closes at 5pm.

(Studio Open 9-6, Mon-Sat, No Appointment Needed!)

  • Choose a piece of pottery to paint.
  • Pick out your paint colors and design.
  • Sit back, relax and paint. Fire it to over 1500’F – We do this, not you.
  • Pick up your pottery piece. (Usually ready within 48 hours or less!)

(Studio Open 9-5, Mon-Sat* 
Subject to change, reservations recommended)

  • Select a glass base from the large available variety.
  • Create unique designs by layering the glass.
  • Cut shapes and pieces.
  • Use a tiny amount of glue to affix your design.
  • Fire it – We do this, not you.
  • Pick up your completed piece. (Usually ready within 24-72 hours for pick-up.)

(Studio Open 10-5, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
* Reservations recommended, 2 week turnaround)

  • Design projects with clay and create your piece. (Day 1)
  • Trim, dry, and refine your piece. (After 2-4 days)
  • Fire It – We do this, not you.
  • Pick out your paint colors and design. (After 8-10 days)
  • Fire it – We do this, not you.
  • Pick up your completed piece. (Approx. 2 weeks later your hand made project is complete)

GLASS BLOWING (Borosilicate Lampworking):

  • Choose a project to create with our glass blowing artist.
  • Melt, push, and blow the molten glass to achieve your desired shape.
  • Add colors to the clear glass by melting the colors in.
  • Explore artistic methods unique to the molten arts.
  • Finish your borosilicate glass project and place it inside a hot kiln to slowly cool.
  • Pick up your work of art. (Ready within 24 hours)

SPECIALTY WORKSHOPS (see calendars):

  • Social Painting (Canvas on acrylic)
  • Jewelry Making (Precious Metal, Glass)
  • Walk-In Workshop Wednesdays (GlassFusion, Clay – 20% off project WE pick)
  • Guest Artist led classes (Artists flown in from across the USA to teach in-depth classes and techniques)


Let your creative juices flow at The Art Studio


Latest News

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Kid's Social Painting, ages 7 and up, will be on August 17th, at 10am-12. The painting is titled "Water Picnic" and includes all supplies, teaching, and a tasty frozen drink

We welcome our youngest artists to join us for our October Storytime. October 5th join us for "Skeleton Hiccups" Story time is at 10am, and kids will listen

October's Family Watercolor Workshop will be on a character from our reefs that we are all familiar with! Lion Fish! On October 12th or 14th at 11am, come


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