About The Art Studio

The art studio is an environment that is intended to encourage creativity through many art media for our community and tourists.

We offer art classes and workshops that feature guest artists in the Florida Keys as well as workshops taught by our resident artist staff.

We explore the world of jewelry making, glass fusing and metal smithing as well as borosilicate lamp working (glass blowing). Crafts, children’s classes and ceramics on a potters wheel are also available. We strive to constantly bring new art mediums and teachers through The Art Studio to engage the entire community in their own artistic expression. The possibilities are endless.

Our building has five art studios, a kiln room, a coffee loft and full service espresso based drinks, an office and a retail space for PYOP: painting your own pottery. This space is known as the “Pottery Paint Shop”.

The Pottery Paint Shop  will allow guests to come in and choose a piece of pottery, paint it with pottery glaze. We then fire these pieces in our kilns and in a couple of days our guests will come and claim their pieces to take home. The Glass Fusing room is also available to our walk in artists, and is a enthralling process of color selection and design application, all while cutting, grinding, and breaking flat pieces of glass. Same with pottery, our glass is fused overnight in a very hot kiln.

Our other studio rooms host guest artists, home school classes, summer camp, music lessons, jewelry classes, precious metal clay workshops, and borosilicate lamp working.

The Coffee Loft is a comfortable place to relax as you enjoy our STRONG COFFEE, brewed from gourmet South & Latin American beans. A complete range of coffee drinks are offered by our expertly trained baristas, from true espresso shots to slow brew, slow drip coffee, iced coffees, frozen drinks, cappuccinos, lattes, and a full line of top quality flavors and syrups. Free Wi-Fi is available in the loft and throughout the building.